African masks

The artwork steps into the world where African art meets modern passion, where my son and I dive into the captivating realm of African masks. Our walls aren’t just adorned with decor; they’re adorned with stories, each mask being a bold expression of Africa’s cultural depth and artistic prowess. Each mask represents a shared journey of exploration and appreciation for the vibrant culture of Africa.  It’s like tapping into a power source, feeling the electric energy radiating from these ancient artifacts. They’re more than just decorations; they’re conduits to another world, a world of strength, tradition, and mystery. These masks hang with purpose, their bold designs and fierce expressions commanding attention and respect. Some might even say they’re deliberately crafted to make you feel a little uneasy, a little in awe—a perfect blend of fear and fascination.

In my artwork, the play of light and shadow, makes the masks come alive, recollecting their stories through the ages and into our modern lives.

Mixed media on canvas
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