In the “Floating Thoughts” series, memories morph into mesmerizing shapes and familiar landscapes dance in an abstract ballet of hues and textures. Inspired by a globetrotter’s odyssey, each artwork in this series is a portal to my travels and a kaleidoscope of encounters with people and places that linger in the mind’s eye.

From afar, these large canvases beckon with their bold contrasts, drawing you into a world where gravity seems to lose its grip. But it’s when you draw nearer that the magic truly unfolds. Like a treasure map of the subconscious, each stroke unveils a tapestry of shapes and details, inviting you to delve deeper into your own emotions and memories.  Earthly tones mingle with the cool embrace of blues, while hints of rust evoke the passage of time, achieved through the alchemy of metal and stone powders. 

Reality is but a fleeting dream, and the canvas becomes a mirror to the wanderer’s heart. Dive in, and let your imagination take flight on the wings of color and emotion.

“In these depictions of the Floating Thoughts series, the sensation is that of moving within a dimension where matter has either lost its original consistency or, conversely, is attempting to solidify it. The painting, with its boundaries, becomes the ideal container of an amniotic fluid in which uncertain elements float, material and chromatic shreds that will give life to a possible formal embryo, captured during its gestation phase or, conversely, its dissolution.

Abstract shapes and fluid lines seem to hover in space, capturing the ephemeral and fleeting nature of thoughts. Each brushstroke is a fragment of an inner dialogue reshaped on the canvas. The aim is to explore the ethereal dimension of thoughts that systematically accompany our everyday lives.”

Fortunato D’Amico¬† ¬†Art critic and idipendent curator