This series embodies an intricate intertwining of overlapping and dual meanings, conveying a perspective of the world that surrounds us, that is both technical and emotional, rational and instinctive. I position myself as a careful observer of both the microscopic reality composed of subatomic particles and a broader perspective in which reality manifests through colorful forms. This approach encompasses both the observation of the physical reality and the spiritual one, reflecting clearly the legacy of my scientific background and the professional experiences I have encountered.instinctive

“Antonella Quacchia’s artistic legacy and poetics cannot be separated from the knowledge and skills

acquired during her long professional frequentation of those scientific environments in which she

has been a protagonist through her working presence.

Each figurative element is part of a vocabulary of signs and colors that speaks of a reality beyond

the visible and sensible surface to project us into that metaphysical one of the Hyperuranium, the

space in which Plato identifies the residence of Ideas. The viewer will be able to train himself to

decipher the language hidden in these works, to explore the subtle meanings behind the forms and

to immerse himself in the interconnection between art and symbolism.”

                                                                                                                     Fortunato D’Amico – art critic