The Serendipity series alludes to unexpected discoveries in life, just as the experimentation with the new technique adopted for these works was. For the first time, I have used resin on panel, thus having the opportunity to develop new artistic expressions and creative solutions. In these works, the focus returns to nature, particularly the love for the sea and water. The liquid dimensions recreated, in addition to my personal emotional affinity for this element, deepen the theme related to ocean pollution, to which I am particularly sensitive.

Serendipity is a term for the ability to make fortunate or unexpected discoveries while searching for
something else or coming across something by chance. It is the art of research gained through
observation, which can lead to a chance experience, but one of great personal or community value.
It happens to scientists as well as artists to stumble upon something unplanned, but which fate has
decided to make available to us to come to our rescue.
A refrain that accompanies the artist’s life and concisely reflects the possibility that resin offers each
of its uses in artistic production. Its use has allowed Antonella Quacchia to come up with a wide
range of creative solutions and offered the opportunity to experiment with other materials to achieve
unique visual effects. The versatility of resin makes it possible for contemporary artists to seek new
artistic expressions”.

                                                                                                               Fortunato D’Amico – art critic