Antonella Quacchia

Antonella Quacchia

Antonella Quacchia

I’m currently in a phase where I perceive the world around me in two distinct ways: either from a vast distance, akin to observing a
macrocosm, or from an incredibly close perspective, almost delving into the subatomic realm where everything dissolves into mere form and colour. It’s like toggling between micro and macrocosmic viewpoints, examining objects not just for what they outwardly appear to be, but for the myriad tiny components that comprise their essence.

In today’s understanding, we acknowledge that matter exists in a dual state, exhibiting both wave-like and particle-like properties. This realization opens the mind to a whole new way of interpreting our surroundings. 

Reflecting on my journey thus far, starting from my childhood when I transitioned between families, I’ve come to grasp the notion that there isn’t a singular lens through which we should view the world.

The European Centre for Nuclear research – CERN – embodies the epitome of this understanding, serving as a nexus where such concepts are actively explored. My time there has been profoundly enlightening, interacting with individuals immersed in the cutting-edge field of elementary particle research. It’s a realm where perpetual questioning reigns supreme, where nothing is taken for granted, and where the concept of absolute truth is challenged.

My artistic expression is also intertwined with the extensive work background and a heightened awareness of environmental concerns cultivated during my 27-year tenure at the International Labour Organization – ILO -, a specialized UN agency focusing on labour issues. Here, the professional journey has taken me across the globe, offering me a unique glimpse into the rich tapestry of human existence. At the ILO, I collaborated with colleagues hailing from 187 different nationalities. This dynamic environment necessitated a profound sense of humility and a deep appreciation for the multitude of ideologies, religions, and customs present. These interactions fostered a mindset attuned to embracing diversity and acknowledging the myriad ways in which people perceive the world.

Such experiences have profoundly influenced my artistic perspective. My work strives to underscore the realization that reality is
multifaceted, shaped by diverse viewpoints and lived experiences. This understanding underscores the interconnectedness of our individual lives and the collective human experience on a global scale, serving as a reflection of these philosophical underpinnings. Each piece offers multiple layers of interpretation, much like the diverse perspectives one can adopt when contemplating the nature of existence. There’s no fixed interpretation, no predetermined meaning; rather, the fluidity of the images within my artwoks serve as portals to countless possibilities, mirroring the nuanced complexities of the state of matter itself.

This, in essence, is the unifying theme that threads through all my artistic endeavours, a constant exploration of the multifaceted nature
of reality.