“Antonella Quacchia makes use of the liberating power of painting and material. Colors and other physical elements, the moment they become part of the artwork, change in nature, float in space, become a fluid, liquid matter that gives access to a completely new expressive world that is released from everything. This process is even more evident in the recent series of works titled Serendipity, made with resin and salvaged everyday objects such as old Bohemian crystal plates or other household provisions found in markets between Vienna and Prague (where Quacchia now lives). They are “short feminine stories” that use, as a fluidizing material, resin and that incorporate and freeze within themselves various objects, figurines and symbolic figures, like shipwrecks sailing from the archaeology of the past to the dystopia of the future. Small, three-dimensional stories that rise as paradigms of the human condition and take on the task of staging the representation of universal archetypes: the story of the polar bear clinging to an ice floe made of earth and moss as he gazes anxiously at the Arctic sea in which the ice has now melted; the story of the piglet smiling over a slice of Prague ham; the story of the thirsty horse and the story of the entangled chameleon… With these little stories, Antonella Quacchia dives into the contemporary debate of global warming and the climate crisis to come up with a tale that, through some pleasant and unexpected discoveries (Serendipity), also has the ability to make the audience think about some pressing social issues of the day.”

                                                                                                                                          Chiara Canali  – Art Critics