Verliebt, Verlobt, Verheirated

Made fort the exhibition „Verliebt, verlobt, verheirated“ in PantoART gallery, the artwork features several geometric figures on an okra and pinkish background, telling their personal story.   The figures represent two beings, who are at first distinct, far apart and different. Then they fall in love (verliebt) and start a process of fusion which eliminates their distances and diversities. In the next stage, they enter in a loop of  “engagement” (verlobt) that still has an open space. In the final step, they are “married” (verheiratet), within a closed and locked loop. Nevertheless, this closed loop could be the place for a new creation, which could be interpreted as a new life in a large spectrum of meanings.

Mixed media on canvas
Year of production:
Acrylic colours, paper, gesso