Composition #6

Welcome to the heart of my Signs and Symbols series, a collection that bears the indelible imprint of my years at CERN. Think of it as a dive into the mesmerizing realm of particle physics, where matter transforms into a symphony of shapes and colors hurtling through space at the speed of light. Or better yet, imagine plunging into the vast expanse of our cosmos, embarking on a kaleidoscopic journey through a universe painted with hues and forms beyond comprehension.

In this artwork, I’ve distilled the essence of scientific exploration into a visual feast for the senses. Each stroke, each shade, is a nod to the mysteries that lie beyond the realm of ordinary perception. It’s a tribute to the wonder of discovery, where the boundaries between science and art blur, and the infinite possibilities of the universe unfold before our eyes.

So come, join me on this cosmic voyage, where the language of physics is translated into a canvas alive with energy and motion. Let’s explore the boundless depths of space and the intricate dance of particles that shape our understanding of the cosmos. And in the midst of it all, let’s revel in the beauty of the unknown, where science and art collide in a dazzling display of creativity and imagination.

Acrylic on canvas
Year of production: