Ahead of time

Created fort he Exhibition „die Uhr tickt“ in pantoART gallery, Wien. Quantum mechanics has blown up a myth that is still quite engraved in our common consciousness: – time is linear; ie: it unfolds as a continuous line between past, present and future.

In fact, new proven theories describe a world that is far removed from the one we are familiar with. There is no space that ‘contains’ the world and no time ‘along which’ events take place. There are only elementary processes in which ‘quanta’ of space and matter interact with each other all the time in what is called a space-time field. The illusion of continuous space and time around us is a blurred vision of this dense swarm of elementary processes.

This is what I wanted to represent in my artwork. Time unfolding onto itself like in a spiral made of splashes of space-time quantums

Mixed media on canvas
Year of production:
Acrylic colours, acrylic markers