NYC, The healing Gaze

“Healing gaze” group exhibition of eight selected international artists, in the Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery, held in Chelsea, the heart of New York’s Art district. 

The Exhibition runs on May 1 – 30 at Montserrat Art Gallery 547W 27St, NY 10001



From the Internet and Computer to the International Art World Antonella Quacchia – a cosmopolitan, experimental artist Exhibition in May in New York, at the Montserrat Art Gallery Chelsea.

 Vienna/New York, May 2024,   Antonella Quacchia has been traveling across several continents since childhood. Born between Trieste and Udine, she spent her early years with relatives in Brazil. She then returned to Italy and studied Computer Science in Turin, earning her a recruitment in 1982 at the legendary CERN in Geneva – where the Internet had its beginnings, which she actively contributed to shaping.

Starting on May 2nd, the native Italian will exhibit for the second time in New York, at the Montserrat Art Gallery in Chelsea. Antonella employs various materials in her works such as oil, pastel, acrylic, and resin. She enjoys experimenting with different mediums, and in her abstract, vibrant artworks, she incorporates her multinational experiences from her professional career at CERN to her role as Unit Leader at the ILO/International Labour Organisation in Geneva. Themes such as sustainability, environmental protection, responsible management of the Earth’s resources and oceans, respect for other cultures/nations, and diversity play a central role in her works. Antonella learned and studied art and painting in Geneva and Florence. She perfected her craft over the past ten years, partly through relocating from Geneva to Vienna. Here, in her studio, she dedicates herself entirely to her artistic endeavors. Balancing between the virtual world of computers and the physical, tactile work with her hands, is a particular challenge for her. Last November, she had a solo exhibition at the MyOwnGallery – Superstudio Piú in Milan. For the last two years, she has been featured in the famous Italian art catalog: Catalogo dell’Arte Moderna by Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori.

About the Artist: After three decades of career in international organizations in Geneva, Antonella Quacchia has fully dedicated herself to art. Over the past ten years, she has created approximately 200 works. Her motto is: “Innovation, creativity, and curiosity are the DNA and driving force of my artistic creation.” Numerous international exhibitions have made her known in cities such as Florence, Madrid, Miami, New York, Paris, Prague, Rome, Milan, Tokyo, Venice, and Vienna.

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